We Fly with BSU

We Fly with BSU

I’ve been asked, multiple times, about Ball State’s commitment to Muncie and specifically asked what my ideas and goals are as it relates to the strategic partnership between the two.

As a Ball State Alumni, I’m thrilled to see BSU getting more involved in Muncie and acknowledging that their success is inextricably linked with the success of the community at-large. One of the many things Ball State brings to Muncie is positive economic impact, from being our largest employer to the 20k students spending their dollars here. I would like to see Ball State do more to help improve the image their students have of our city, and encourage them to get off campus and explore what Muncie has to offer. Doing so would not only generate more economic activity, but would also leave a better impression with students of our beautiful community, and hopefully entice more of them to stay and put down roots after graduating.

Additionally, I would like to see BSU work with city government and economic development officials on developing incentives and other ways to encourage faculty to live in Muncie.

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