Thank You!

Thank You!

Jeff & Judi Robinson
Jeff & his wife Judi at the Muncie Animal Shelter.

With the municipal election countdown nearing its end, Muncie residents have many important decisions to make that will ultimately affect how our city will move forward. I’m hopeful that all of you show up on Tuesday to make those informed choices, and select the individuals who will best represent you.

I hope that you will consider me as one of those individuals.

I grew up in Muncie’s 2nd District. I went to Storer Elementary, Northside Middles School, and Muncie Central; and graduated from Ball State University. Since then, I have spent my entire professional career dedicated to promoting Muncie, in an effort to bring people together and build pride in this community that has done so much for me and my family.

I’ve had so many conversations with so many people during this campaign, and while every neighborhood has its own challenges to resolve, there are some things that that we can all agree upon.

One of those things is the need for fiscal responsibility. Working with numerous non-profits, I have learned to appreciate the responsibility of spending other people’s money, as well as the challenge of achieving maximum impact under stringent budget restrictions. If elected to Council, I will continue to exercise the same thoughtfulness and care when making decisions about where public dollars are spent.

Another is accessibility. I have personally knocked on every single door in the entire district, regardless of partisan “walking maps” or yard signs, to introduce myself to the people I hope to represent. That alone has been the best surprise of this campaign. We feel so divided online and in other media – largely because of national politics, but also because of the ugliness of local corruption and infighting – but standing in each others’ front yards, the real world comes home and we talk about the problems right in front of us that have workable solutions that, at the end of the day, aren’t that hard to achieve.We just have to make decisions based on what’s best for Muncie, without regard for any particular individual or party (which is easy to say during a campaign). If elected to Council, I promise that I will both be open to and scrutinize any and all ideas, regardless of their origin, political or otherwise.  Whatever I believe is best for our community, I will support.

Jeff & Judi Canvassing the neighborhood.
Rain or shine, Jeff & Judi walk the neighborhoods.

I believe that the essence of a local campaign is showing how hard you’re willing to work for your constituents. That means knocking on doors, showing up at meetings and events, and speaking up for your people, I’ve been proud to do that and hope to continue doing that – especially after having met so many kind and wonderful fellow citizens.

My name is Jeff Robinson, and I am ready to serve you.

Thank you for your support, time, consideration, and your vote. I promise that I won’t let you down.

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