Fire-Based EMS: Where I Stand

Fire-Based EMS: Where I Stand

Emergency Medical Services and the proposal to add Fire Based EMS service has, unfortunately and unnecessarily, become a political issue.

Generally speaking, I’m opposed to the current proposal and would vote “NO”. I am always open-minded and willing to consider new ideas to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of all city services, given those ideas have been properly vetted. I believe it’s the duty of elected officials to be open-minded and explore all options and find the best solution, taking politics out of the equation. If there is verifiable research weighing the impact and feasibility, and shows there is a better way to approach EMS, I would get behind it. We have not seen that research.

The issue, and any changes, of Emergency Medical Services has an impact at both the City and County level. Our leaders, from both government entities, should put personal differences aside and work together on the best solution (if there is a problem to be solved), for all citizens. It’s their responsibility and, if elected, one I would take very seriously.

(Photo: Corey Ohlenkamp/Star Press)

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