Party Politics

Party Politics

If you visited the Delaware County Fair on Democrat night you may have noticed a few missing faces in the party’s tent. If you stopped by to see what Democrat candidates will appear on the ballot this November, you wouldn’t even know I was running for City Council in the 2nd district…as a Democrat. Drive past 214 N. Walnut St. and you won’t see my sign hanging in the window. I’m not bitter or angry at the party for excluding me. It was my choice, after all, to not be aligned with the party and my choice to decide against paying my assessment (10% of my first year’s elected position salary) to the central committee.

How could I possibly run a campaign about bringing transparency, inclusiveness, and ethical leadership to City Government while being aligned with a Delaware County Democrat party who has been accused in federal indictments of taking kickbacks and attempting to orchestrate cover-ups inside the walls of party headquarters?

Make no mistake about it and let me very clear; there are many good democrats who serve this community with integrity and have my utmost respect, some of which are seeking re-election. I understand the issue within, and the perception of, the local Democrat party are the fault of just a few individuals who have put their own interests above those of the entire community. Those individuals have done a great disservice to our community, and to those Democrats doing good things and who do their best to do what’s right for Muncie! I hate that those good democrats are seen as guilty by association. I’ve come to know the party chairman, Allie Craycraft, as a good man who wants to lead the local Democrat party with honor and integrity. By all accounts, he’s a man of his word and I hope he can bring the party together for the good of our community and the Democrat party.

When I decided to run for City Council, in the 2nd District, I knew there would be those in the community who would associate me with the wrongdoing and label me “crooked” simply and only because I’m a Democrat in Muncie. I knew there would be people within my own party who would chastise me for not being aligned with them and not paying my 10% assessment.  I could have done what others have decided to do and change parties, hoping to capitalize on perceived voter dissatisfaction with the local Democrat party in order to win an election. It could have made my path to a council seat easier, but if you know me…you know I’m not one to take the easy road just for the sake of convenience.

Despite all these things, I am running for Muncie City Council to serve the community I love. To work hard for my constituents and to help give Muncie the government they deserve! I urge you to follow my campaign on Facebook and humbly ask for your support.

(Photo: Muncie Visitors’ Bureau)

Muncie Resists Candidate Forum

Muncie Resists Candidate Forum

Jeff Speaks at Muncie Resists Candidate ForumI spent the evening alongside other Democrat (district) City Council candidates discussing where we stand on issues in our community.

Thank you to Muncie Resists for providing a platform for voters to learn about myself and other candidates. It was good to see so many people interested in the local election.

Muncie Resists preceded the forum by providing each candidate with a questionnaire. I’ve included my responses to all of their questions here.

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