Elect Jeff Robinson

My name is Jeff Robinson; I am running for Muncie City Council, in the 2nd District, because I care about this community. I grew up in the 2nd District and Muncie has been very generous to me and my family, and I want to take this opportunity to do what I can to give back.

Please take a moment to read my positions on the many issues our city faces, and if you choose to support me, I can promise you that I will always work hard, always be honest, and always listen.

I would appreciate your vote. Thank you.

Election Day is November 5th

    Thank You!

    With the municipal election countdown nearing its end, Muncie residents have many important decisions to make that will ultimately affect how our city will move forward. I hope that you will consider me as part of that solution. Vote November 5th.

    Party Politics

    If you visited the Delaware County Fair on Democrat night you may have noticed a few missing faces in the party’s tent. If you stopped by to see what Democrat candidates will appear on the ballot this November, you wouldn’t even know I was running for City Council in the 2nd district…as a Democrat. Drive […]

    It’s Time to Embrace Ethics

    When I decided to run for Muncie City Council, it was out of a genuine desire to help reshape how our local government interacts with its citizenry, and address the challenges that lie ahead of us in a positive way that moves Muncie forward. However, with FBI raids making headlines again, multiple indictments (and one conviction, […]

    Muncie Resists Candidate Forum

    I spent the evening alongside other Democrat (district) City Council candidates discussing where we stand on issues in our community. Thank you to Muncie Resists for providing a platform for voters to learn about myself and other candidates. It was good to see so many people interested in the local election. Muncie Resists preceded the […]

    Storer Elementary: Where I Stand

    I’ve met with several homeowners in Sunset Knoll, Johnson Circle, and other areas surrounding the former Storer Elementary School (my alma mater) with concerns about the future of that property. The building is currently being demolished, which has led to questions and uneasiness from the families that live there. In the past week, I’ve had multiple conversations […]

    We Fly with BSU

    I’ve been asked, multiple times, about Ball State’s commitment to Muncie and specifically asked what my ideas and goals are as it relates to the strategic partnership between the two. As a Ball State Alumni, I’m thrilled to see BSU getting more involved in Muncie and acknowledging that their success is inextricably linked with the […]

    Fire-Based EMS: Where I Stand

    Emergency Medical Services and the proposal to add Fire Based EMS service has, unfortunately and unnecessarily, become a political issue. Generally speaking, I’m opposed to the current proposal and would vote “NO”. I am always open-minded and willing to consider new ideas to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of all city services, given those ideas […]